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why apple iphones do not need antivirus software☺


In order to protect your device from viruses, people usually take the help of antivirus software. But do you know that Apple’s iPhone and iPad do not require antivirus? Over the years, security companies have claimed to be presenting the iPhone supporting device, but you do not need them in Apple’s iPhone. Apple said, “The iOS platform has been designed in such a way that security has been paid more attention.” We are going to tell you some of the main reasons why Apple does not use antivirus software in this news.

Keep iOS updated:

Third Party Solutions can not know the problems in Apple. Apple has so closely monitored the security of its iPhone that according to your need, iOS updates have already been installed. These updates include security fixes. However, some more securities will be released soon from Apple. You may have to wait for a week or two for this.

Why does not antivirus in iOS work:

Before understanding why your iOS device does not require antivirus software, let’s know how this program works in your device. Analyst and CEO of the Securusis firm Rich Mogull has reported that the antivirus software needs hooks in the operating system to work, but Apple’s operating system does not allow it. Because of which antivirus does not work in iOS.

Due to the security software present in Apple, the app you downloaded or any website you visit can not use the necessary data on your phone. Also, they can not get access to photos, fingerprints, and touchIDs present in your phone. This is why Apple’s designed iOS platform does not require any antivirus software.

Here are some iOS Security apps:

There are many online apps that claim to keep your iPhone safe from antivirus. These include many apps like Avira Mobile Security, McAfee Private Photo Vault, Webroot SecureWeb Browser.



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