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Top 6 Free Ways To Earn Money From Internet without Investment


How To Make Money Online – Full Information……..
Making money online from the internet is not a difficult task. Anyone who know to run the computer and internet can do this task easily. Just need to guide you right information. In today’s article we will guide you 6 Best way to earn money online.

1:Apps Business —

Now a days, a new new application is being made for smartphones and tablets and the sale is also good. If you can also create such a new application, you can upload your apps on Google play store, Apple store and Microsoft’s Windows Store by paying a few annual fees after the app is created.

2:Earnings from YouTube –

It is very easy to earn from YouTube and you can leave your job without sitting at home. House Wife, Teenagers and Older People Whoever think that if there is some means of earning money at home then this is a better way to earn money. YouTube has made Google viewable online video. The video is not made on YouTube by people like us, and it is Google’s earnings. There are many Google services like YouTube, Bloggers, Adsense, Edwards and many others, from which you can earn money online without spending money. For this, just have to make a good video and upload it to YouTube.

Check out the video below to find out) 

3:By creating website —
It’s not difficult to create a website, do not be alarmed to hear about the website. Let’s tell you about how to create a website–

Posted on blog –
Now you have to write a good thoughts on your blog and post it on Blogger, now your blogger can read all. Put a post every day and wait a bit. You will not have any money to write a post. You can add as many posts as you want. After a few days you will see that your website will appear in Google search. The website will begin to appear and people will start reading it. The more people come to our website, the more we get money from Google. And our online earnings will begin.

To create a website, you will have to go to www.blogger.com site and go there and enter your email and password and log in.
First of all, you will be asked the name of your site, so whatever you want to keep your site’s name can be.
 Like — www.technoadarsh.blogspot.in

This will become your own website.

4:Google Adsense –

By creating an account on Google AdSense, you can add ads on the Blog or YouTube channel. There is alot of websites on the internet which gives advertisements. The add that we have to put on our post and the person who visits our website will also see that adds,In this way we add our blogger’s earnings Can increase.

5:By reviewing —-

There are many websites on the internet that offer money and write reviews. These reviews are written on any software, a product or any newly launched item. If your work skills are good in writing then you can earn money by writing a review.

6:By selling photos on the Internet–

There are many websites on the internet that take photos from you and will give you money in exchange for them. Some such site names are as follows- www.shutterstock.com, www.shutterpoint.com or www.istockphoto.com

In this website, the members of the site submit the photo on the website, after which you can get commission according to the site’s policy.


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