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These 10 apps are specialy for women, making life easier and easier


In today’s era, the busiest life makes your smartphone easy. Without a smartphone, we can not imagine everyday life. None of our work is done that can be completed without a smartphone. But your smartphone becomes special only when there is some important application in it. In this case, your phone must have features like messaging apps to video calling apps, beauty and fitness apps and period tracking apps. We are giving information about some of these apps in our report which can prove to be very beneficial especially for women.

This is a website where women can buy any brand’s beauty product of their choice. You also get all information related to skin, hair, personal care in this website. Plus, you get great deals and discounts in this website, which are available at a very low cost compared to the market.

This is an online grocery shopping website that gives you relief from going to the vegetable market everyday. With this app you can not only buy groceries, but you will also find stationery, plastics ware items along with electronics, pet care products.

This is a photo editing app in which you get many effects and filters options. These filters make your photos even better.

Period Tracker
This app can prove to be very helpful for women who forget their period dates all the time. This app sends you a reminder two days before the period date.

This app can be a partner of your spare time. This app provides you unlimited entertainment. Through the app you can enjoy many TV shows, documentaries and movies.

There are many safety features offered in the App-based taxi service company Uber, which make your journey easy and secure. The ‘Share your ETA’ feature is available in the app, so that the user can share his real time location with his friends and family members. Also, there is also ‘SOS’ option, which can prove to be a big thing for you in the emergency.

With the help of this app you can find a doctor in your location in the emergency. Also, through this app, you can call in an adjacent clinic or hospital and book appointments.

This app is special for women who are quite aware of their fitness. This app tells you how to stay healthy. Plus, this app monitors your daily diet.

If you want to keep track of top delays in mobile then this app is your job. The app gives you information about sites that offer a few top deals. Plus, this app also gives you huge discounts on online shopping.

This app gives you the details of incoming calls from unknown numbers. Through this app you can know that the unknown number belongs to which state.


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