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The top 10 smartphones which are most searched on Google in 2017


Google has released a list of Top 10’s list of consumer trends this year and the most searched topic on Google. This means that most of these topics or smartphones have been searched worldwide. Know that this list remained at number 1 and the users showed interest in the topic.

Apple did the capture at number 1:

This year Apple has also topped the list. People were very interested in the iPhone 10 launched on Apple’s 10th birthday. But the iPhone topped in this list is not iPhone 10 but iPhone 8. Though the iPhone 8 is underestimated, this phone is on top of the search. Right now, the iPhone 10 is in second place. This means Apple is occupying both the first and the second place.

This list contains the Nintendo Switch, with no phone on the third number. The Nintendo Switch is a gaming console designed by Nintendo. It was introduced in October 2016. But this was officially launched in March 2017. In this sequence, Samsung’s flagship smartphone Galaxy S8 is the fourth number. In addition, Nokia’s two smartphones also made their top 10 list. There is no name for any smart phone in this list.

See which phones searched in the top 10 list:

IPhone 8

IPhone X

Nintendo switch

Samsung galaxy s8

Xbox one x

Nokia 3310

Razor phone

Oppo F5

OnePlus 5

Nokia 6


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