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Motorola’s 12 smartphones will get the Android 8 update


Google has released its latest operating system 8.0 or Orio. After this, users are now waiting to see when their smartphone comes up with this update. For this, companies are issuing a list of their smartphones that will get the updates. According to the report, Motorola has released a list of 12 smartphones that will get Android Orio updates.

These 12 Moto smartphones will get the ORIO updates:

moto z

moto z droid

moto z Force Droid

moto z Play

moto z Play Droid

moto z2 play

moto z2 Force Edition

moto x4

moto g5

moto g5 plus

moto g5s

moto g5s plus

However, the company has not said how long ORIO updates will be available to these smartphones, but the company has written so much that the update for the next generation of Android 8.0 has been released through Open Source Products.

Apart from Moto C, Moto E Plus, recently launched from its list, the name of Moto G4 and Moto G4 Plus, which came last year, is not in this list.

These companies also issued the names:

While Motorola has released a list of smartphones with an Android 8.0, many other companies have also released the names. It’s news that Nokia 3, 5, 6 and 8 will also get the Android 8 update.

OnePlus has said that its flagship phone OnePlus3 and 3T will get this update. HTC has confirmed that its HTC U11, U Ultra and HTC 10 will get a new update.


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