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Know what is the camera aperture??


Today the prices of mobile phones are falling continuously. The feature we found in 25,000 rupees was found in Rs 10,000 today. Camera has always contributed in this promotion of mobile phone. Today, there are better cameras in cheap smartphones. Camera information is often given through megapixels and aperture. In this article, you will know what is an aperture and how it enhances the camera performance.

Speaking in easy language, there is a small hole in the outside part of the camera where the light goes in. This hole is called aperture. The larger the hole, the more light will go inside and the better picture will be available to us. If you compare the aperture with your eyes, it will be easier to understand it.

We all know that our eyes have a small hole which is called pupil. Through this pupil the light goes inside the eyes and creates an image on the retina. This is exactly the same in the camera. Light goes through an aperture and creates an image on the image sensor.

How to know which aperture is better?

You would have often found the aperture as f / 1.4 and f / 2.8. Here f stands for focal length and the number below is called f-stop or f-number. Remember, the lesser the value of this f-number, the size of the opaque will be larger and you will be able to get as much better photos in your light from your camera.


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