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How to use Recycle Bin in android??


If something goes delet by mistake in the computer, then it can be restored in the recycle bin. But if something goes wrong in the smartphone, then it can not be restored. In this news we are going to tell you a way you can make a recycle bin like a computer in your smartphone. To create a Recycle Bin in the smartphone, you must download one of the Dumpster and ES File Explorer in your phone. Here we will tell you how Dumpster works.

How To Use Dumpster?
1- First of all download and install Dumpster by visiting Google Play Store. After this you open the app. Here you will see an app demo. After fixing it, the Recycle Bin will be ready in the phone. In it you will also ask for storage permissions, Okay it.

2- Now whenever you delete a photo from your mobile, it will be saved here. You can restore it from here.

3- Time can also be set in this app, so that the old deleted files can be recovered even after more days. If you want, you can set the password in this app so that the deleted file can not be seen by anyone other than you.

In addition, if your data is deleted from your Google Drive, then it is also very difficult to recover. But we are going to tell you its easy way too. Let me tell you that whenever a file or folder is deleted from Google Drive, it does not get permanently deleted. These files are moved to the Trash folder of the system.

For this, first visit drive.google.com/drive/trash.

Now right-click on the file you want to recover.

Click on Restore.



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