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How to remove ransomware without paying money


 The digital world is also increasing the risk of viruses with you. Recently, the RanSware virus victimized users two-three times. Due to this attack, thousands of computers, hospitals, universities, banks etc. were attacked in more than 150 countries of the world. Now its threat has spread to large personalities and individual PCs and users.

Let’s learn first what is the Ransomware Virus?

What is Ransomware?
RanSamware is a kind of cyber attack. This virus completely controls the user’s computer and demands payment. This virus can damage the smartphone, not just the computer itself. This virus downloads the software without damaging the computer or smartphone of your information, through which it encrypts the user’s information. This way the hacker has complete access to the user’s data. Then the hacker threatens the user to block his data, it cries money. For the data, the fee is charged as a user from 0.3 to 1 bitquine, which costs from 400 euro to 1375 euro. BitQquine is a kind of virtual currency used in digital transactions.

How do you avoid such cyber attacks?
Although it is a dangerous virus. But still by taking some precautions, you can avoid it.

Back up data
The most harmful data is from RanSware virus. User’s personal data, photos, documents, etc. are all attacked. So first of all, keep a full backup of your data. Keep in mind that this backup was not done by using the Internet. Try to keep backups in a hard drive. How dangerous it can be, it will not spoil your data.

Unlock files and remove RanSoftware
If ransomware gets attacked on your PC then money will be asked to unlock your data. But even after paying, there is no guarantee that you will get your data back.
– To deal with this virus without first offering money, first try to reboot the PC by inserting the Windows disk.
– Your machine should be booted from disk instead of hard drive.
– If it does not, then press F8.
– After this you will have the option of repairing or reinstalling the operating system.
– Repairing the machine or installing it again should cause the virus to run.

Anti Virus Is Necessary
It is extremely important for any computer or smartphone to have anti virus. Anti virus helps you to avoid ransomware or any other dangerous virus. Anti virus easily recognizes which virus is in your device.

Do not click on any app or link
Ransomware downloads some apps to the device first to hack a file or data. In this way, some such pop-up links appear while browsing on multiple occasions and we click without giving much attention. Do not do this at all. Do not click on any link, app or anything that has a slight doubt.


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