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Google launches digital payment app Tez in India


Technology giant Google has launched online payment service in India. A special app is available for this, which is named Tez. This app is designed for both Android and iOS platforms and can be downloaded for free. We told you earlier that Google could launch this app on Monday and now the company has officially launched it. That is, Google is ready with this app to give competition to Paytm. Let’s know how this app works and how much you benefit from it.
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How to setup tez in our mobile

– Download it from the App Store / Play Store on the Android app and iOS.

– After downloading, you have to set a Google PIN or a screen lock.

– As a third step, you have to link bank account. For this, if your account is linked to a mobile number, then the number must be entered. You will be given a message from the mobile and the number of accounts linked to this number will be automatically added.

Now you can go to the option and send money to anyone.

These are the specialty of tez app

Transfer money to a bank with a faster app

With tez app, you can make payments with your bank account. That is, Google will not take any commission for this and the money will remain safe in your bank and will not go to Google. According to Google, the customer will not have to open any particular account of the account.

Which banks will support

The UPI-based Google service will work with almost all major banks. As a partner bank, Axis, HDFC Bank, ICICI and State Bank of India are included.

With the Tez shield you will be able to make secure payments

According to Google, the sharpened transactions will be protected from Tez Shield. This shield will work 24/7 so that fraud and hacking can be detected. Not only this, it will also help in identifying the identity of the customers.

All payments made from Tez app will be secured through UPI PIN, besides it will also be secured with Google PIN. For example, if your smartphone has a fingerprint scanner, it will also work as an authentication. For support Google says that they will be available every day via phone and chat support. That is, any information you can talk about in support.

Pay Neareebie Feature

It will be easier to transfer money to Tez apps than Tez apps. For example, if your friend has a Tez app in the smartphone and he is around you then you will not need to share a bank account or phone number. Bright will search the Tez app near you, then you can transfer money.

You can also make online payments through Tez

According to Google, where the UPI is accepted in online transactions, it will work Tez. Payments can be made on your account by clicking the Tez logo during payment checkout.


Like other e-wallet apps, Google will offer offers for transactions. Lucky customers can get a chance to win 1,000 rupees on the transaction. No coupon codes will be required for this. Lucky customers will get the money won by them in their account.

Customers will also be given rewards under the offer. There is also a referral scheme through which you will refer to someone else and if they install it with this link then a reward of Rs. 51 will be available. There is no limit to referencing. You can refer to as many people as you want, but you get up to 9,000 rupees


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