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Best budget dual dynamic driver earphone under 20$(1200₹)



  • Good design
  • Build quality are so Good
  • Dual dynamic driver Earphone at cheap price
  • Good sounds and Base quality

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Hey viewer,so today in this article I’m tell you best dual driver premium earphone under 20$(1200₹).

The earphone name is BlitzWolf BW-ES2 In-ear Earphone With Dual Dynamic Driver it cost only 20$(1200₹) but feel like a premium earphone.It’s build quality are good.

If you want to buy a new premium earphone, then you can go with this earphone.

What does Dual Dynamic Driver mean?

Not all earphones with two speakers are called as Dual Dynamic Driver earphone.

The Dual Dynamic Driver earphone is not merely embedded with two dynamic drivers in a single earphone; it even uses frequency division technology to output bright treble and deep bass respectively. It has ultra high voice resolution, which can better present the sweet or hoarse voice and other details. In low frequency, the dual dynamic drivers are better than the balanced armature driver in the sense of quantity, which is easier to present the dynamic sense of music. Therefore, the Dual Dynamic Driver earphone not only adds a speaker on the ordinary earphone, accordingly it produces a shock effect comparable to that of the balanced armature driver earphone in the sound quality.


1. Use 6mm dual dynamic drivers inside each earphone. These drivers combine to enhance frequnecy range and produce a more natural sound.

2. Full bodied audio immersion, dual drivers deliver wider resolution and enhance the medium and high frequency output range.

3. We precisely tuned the ES2 drivers to not only sound great but also deliver long term audio output.

4. Selected TPE wire, it is flexible, rugged and rangle resistant.

5. Wired remote with built-in microphone, have a clear sound.

6. It is compatible with smartphone, tablet PC, laptop and other 3.5mm devices.


Brand                                         BlitzWolf®
Model                                        BW-ES2
Color                                          Black, Red
Wearing Type                           In-ear
Cable Length (m)                    1.2m
Net Weight (g)                         17g

Technical Parameters:

Compatible With                       Smartphones, tablets, portable music players and games consoles.

Microphone                               Yes
Wired Control                            Support
Driver Size                                 6mm
Interface Diameter                   3.5mm audio jack

Sensitivity                                  108 ± 3dB
Impendance                               16Ω
Frequency Response                20Hz-40kHz

Package Included:

  • 1 X BW-ES2 Dual Dynamic Driver Earphone
  • 2 X Pairs of Ear Tips
  • 1 X Cable Organize
  • 1 X Earphone Bag
  • 1 X User Manual
  • 1 X Warrenty Card

You must remember this point:

1. Long-term listening at a high volume is not recommended.

2. When the earphones are out of use, please store it in the clean dry environment provided.

3. Avoid contact with liquid, and avoid extreme temperature or high humidity envronment.


  • Best Dual dynamic driver earphone at cheap price.
  • Good build quality.
  • Good design.
  • Sound quality are so Good.


Blitzwolf BW-ES2 In-ear Earphone are good to buy,it’s all features are good but only one problem with this earphone if you are listen at full volume it’s audio and Base are not so good but I hope BlitzWolf remove this problem very soon.


If you are looking for buying a good dual dynamic driver earphone at Budget price then you can buy this Earphone,but if your Budget is more than 30$(1900₹),then you can buy its other earphone BlitzWolf BW-VOX1 and if your Budget is not more than 15$(800₹) then you can buy BlitzWolf BW-ES1 in ear Earphone.

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