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Automatically download video from Facebook, Learn about this feature


Social networking site Facebook is testing Instant Video Feature with some Android users. Through this feature Wi-Fi can be pre-download in the smartphone.
According to media reports, through this feature, if users watch videos on their platform, their data will be less costly. Users will also be able to recover from network connection problems. However, the company has not yet disclosed that when this feature will be fully rolled out.

Learn about the feature:

Let us know that pre-downloaded videos can be viewed without buffering. But it is not yet clear what Facebook will pre-download the video and how long they will remain in the user’s phone. Facebook has said that when your phone is connected to Wi-Fi, it will download the video in the user’s phone.

 Make GIF on Facebook:

Earlier, Facebook introduced the camera feature. Users can create GIF using this feature. To take advantage of this, the user needs to get the help of in-app camera. To use this feature, you have to tap on the Facebook camera. After this you will see the option of GIF on the left side of the camera. You have to swipe to the right for it after which you can use it. Even if the video and photos are not included in it, but you can change it even in portrait.

Facebook users increase 17% each year:

How many times the video has been watched, this figure is very important for Facebook. Facebook had said that in July, $ 9.2 billion of Ad Rayneu has 87 percent mobile ad revenue. It also said that in June 2017 it has become 1.32 billion daily active users. Facebook’s daily active users are growing 17 percent year-on-year.


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