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Airtel vs reliance jio check out who provides faster better internet in india


The battle for Indian Airtel and jio becoming number one telecom company is stopping the data experience being offered by both companies. A report in OpenSignal states that Airtel provides the fastest 3G and 4G internet in India.

How much speed giving companies:

Airtel is offering 9.2 Mbps in 4G data and 3.6 Mbps average download speed in 3G data. Idea and Vodafone came second in this report. This data is from June 1 to August 31, 2017. Live is fourth in this report. However, jio Internet has caught speed in the last few months. This means that jio is providing fast mobile data experience than before. According to the report – the reason behind this is the end of Reliance Jio’s free data offers after March 2017. The average 4G download speed of Reliance jio was recorded at 5.1 Mbps. Vodafone secured second place with 7.45 Mbps speed.

In this case jio Top:

However, when the Internet was working on overhaul matrix of 3G, 4G speed, there was a lot of change in the data.

Now live at the top of the page. However, its speed was recorded at 5.81 Mbps. Airtel was the second with 5.05 Mbps. Vodafone has a speed of 4.06 Mbps.

According to the report- 

In India, any operator has not exceeded the global 3G download of 4.4 Mbps or Global 4G download average speed of 16.2 Mbps.


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