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5 apps that kill your android smartphones battery


If you want to save your phone and hope that your phone’s battery lasts for a long time, then remove these 5 Android apps from your phone as soon as possible. AVG released a list of the apps in which Antivirus software maker, which has the name of the most battery-captable app.

Candy Crush Saga:

Although this game is quite popular, according to AVG, most battery candy crush saga ends. Uninstall this app if possible.


Well you can not remove Facebook from your phone but instead you can use FaceBook Light. The Facebook app also has a big hand in eliminating the battery.

Locker & Security App:

Security and app lockers are also very forward in consuming batteries and data. Antivirus apps constantly scan your phone, causing the battery to end soon.


Free classified apps like OLX and Quicker waste much of the phone’s battery. These apps continually track your location. Avoid keeping such an app in the phone if you do not need it.


Whatsapps you can hardly live without, but let’s tell that this app also has a lot of battery.


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